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The starting point of all achievement is desire. The second is determination and the third, is discipline.



prove them wrong

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adult: do u know what college you want to go to yet??

me: {sweats nervously} S T A R F L E E T  A C A D E M Y

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Anonymous asked: Hey! So I'm looking to be more organized next year with note taking. What I've already planned to do is take notes from a lecture/textbook, highlight and annotate what's important, and then copy down final notes. However, I'm not sure how I want to go about doing final notes. Should I use colored pen? Highlight over normal pen? Some of both? I don't want it to look like a rainbow puked on the page, but I want it to be appealing and still neat. How do you take notes? & what do you suggest?thanks!


Well, if you don’t want it to look like a rainbow puked on your note sheets, then you should used a plain pen to take your notes, and then highlight it with some color. Let’s see what I do: 

As you can see, I used a plain pen (just a simple blue bic byro, no fancy pens) to take all my notes. Then, I used a bit of color to highlight important things, but when I’m highlighting my own notes, not printed ones, I like to use normal colored markers, because it looks more neat and not so brightly colored. I only use the highlighters with printed notes and books. However, this is what works for me. 

If you have to paint graphics, diagrams or that kind of thing, I would suggest leaving a blank space beside the explanation of that draw. In physiology, our professor explained every graphic, so I just wrote down the important things about the explanations and then I painted the graphic or diagram myself. That way it looked better and I could have both things! 

Just try and see what is better for you, I used to take my notes with different colored pens at the beginning, but it took up much time, so I simply went for the blue gyro and then I colored it when needed. I also use pastel colored markers, like blue and pink and yellow and soft green, because otherwise they look too strident for me, but there are people who work better with neon highlighters, so that just depends on you! 

Using small colored post-its, like the ones you see in the photos, can also help to make your simple notes into a more colored and appealing thing, I just love post-its!!! 

Hope this helped at least to give you some ideas!! 


There are several types of receptors. One of these is a Pacinian Corpuscle which senses mechanical pressure. It produces a generator potential by acting as a transducer (in other words it converts the mechanical energy of the pressure into a generator impulse/nerve impulse like a transducer because transducers convert energy into different forms).

As you can see in the diagram, it is made up of many layers of connective tissue. When enough pressure is applied to these layers to stretch them out of their original shape, sodium ions can diffuse through into the neurone which changes the potential to be depolarised thus producing a generator potential from which an action potential (nerve impulse) is made to pass along to the central nervous system.

Topics covered or partially covered in my biology a2 class thus far with a space background because why not.


DNA Storage

Eukaryotic cells (as in diagram)
-linear DNA molecules that exist as chromosomes
-DNA molecule very long so wound around histone proteins to fit in nucleus
-histone proteins also support DNA
-DNA is then coiled very tightly to make a compact chromosome

Prokaryotic cells
-also carry DNA as chromosomes
-DNA molecules shorter and circular
-no proteins involved
-condenses to fit the cell by supercoiling

Not long to go now lovely people! :)